Educational, Health and Care Plan
Training Day

21st September 2015
12th October 2015
9th November 2015
23rd November 2015

A training day developed to provide parents with practical information on what the law requires an EHC Plan says, what it means when talking ‘aspirations’ and ‘outcomes’ and giving advice on how to be specific when writing up the provision needed and recommended for your child!

For more information and to register call or email:

01603 300 178

We can help parents:

  • Who feel their child is struggling in school but don’t know how to get them help
  • Understand the assessment procedures
  • Through the transition of their child's statement to a new EHC Plan
  • Apply for an EHC Plan
  • Ensure that the provision outlined in the EHC Plan is adequate to meet their child's needs
  • Go through their child’s proposed EHC Plan and make suggested amendments
  • To make an informed choice of school
  • Who wish to take their case to a Tribunal hearing
  • If their child is on the verge of exclusion or at meetings with Governors
  • If their child has already been excluded
  • By attending Annual Reviews or other such meetings to ensure their views are heard

If you have a problem with your child’s education we will – LISTEN

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